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When your website must be king of your jungle. Email us now for a free 10 point review of your web site.

Web Site Design

We create professional custom designed web sites and also customize templates so that your business can command respect.

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It is all about your web site attracting, keeping, and converting the right customer type. When, where, and how they shop for a company like yours.

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We want to help you get more orders by designing an ecommerce site that minimizes your work and maximizes customer satisfaction.

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Some of Our Recent Works

Custom WordPress Web Design made to look great on every browser and on every computer, tablet, and phone.

Animus Web Design

Why should you work with Animus Web Design?

We love to help our clients sort through all the decisions and simplify the process by guiding them with information that allows them to make smart choices for their web design projects.  We will not speak tech language or buzz words, yet you will know all the way that you were not kept in the dark on key issues that affect your brand and your business.  We are all about EASY but SMART.

Our Services

  • Logo Design
  • Web Design or Web Redesign
  • Website Evaluations
  • Domain Registration
  • Web Hosting
  • Website Maintenance/Revisions

Animus Web Design has a rich background with over 10 years of experience in the field of professional web design.   Our Lead Project Manager was awarded eight international awards for design, creativity, and usability in the field of web design.  Every aspect of the project is managed with care and purpose, and since the Lead Project Manager is the interface between clients and programmers and designers the process flows smoothly and open communications are the norm.We work with companies that range from start-ups to well established ones and we make sure when a project is completed our clients have access to their work and are familiar with how to manage their webhosting, emails, and traffic reports.  Not only we will create the best web design for your organization but we will also not force your company to hire us again for each change or update that is needed.

Bootstrap and WordPress
WordPress and most of the other popular website development platforms are available so that we can give you the latest tools, the latest looks, and the “must haves” delivered to you so that you can maintain your web site without having to learn any web design. We design custom, professional web sites and also help people who purchased a template and find themselves stuck.
Responsive Web Sites
This is about your web site working and displaying correctly in all browsers and in all devises such as computers, tablets, and phones. Your web site must work where your customers are.
Hassle Free Process
It is our job to help you figure out how to end up with a great web site. Our process is detailed and will clarify the options and look that you need, and yet it is easy.
Logo Design
Mark your territory everywhere you are and in everything you do. A custom, professional, and effective logo brands your message and image 24/7.
You Do It or We Do It
All of our web sites are created with a content management system. That means that you can update the editable content areas of the web site any time. If you are too busy, we can do one or all of your updates. It’s nice to have a choice.


Our Latest Blog

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Client Testimonials


Please contact me for further details on my exceptional experience with having this team work for me. Thank you, Animus and The Lioness, from the bottom of my heart.
Intend Kindness, Mary Lopez Garelli
The Team knows its stuff. From establishing Pay Pal, to uploading nearly 70 pictures, pricing them correctly, and conveying my sort of scattered idea of what I wanted my website to feel like, Maria came through with flying colors. Maria and her team didn’t just make this foreign land (to me) of web design an...
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Animus Web Design has offices in Springfield, VA and in Gaithersburg, MD. We serve most areas within the Northern Virginia and Montgomery County areas for in person meetings. We also have clients all over the US and we are able to work very effectively remotely.
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